Mission Statement

To transform and empower lives through hope, practice and partnership.

Vision Statement

A future void of disparities in poverty, health and education.



  1. SERVICE: We strive to be of positive benefit to the most vulnerable members of our community.
  2. EMPOWERMENT: We help others to recognize their strengths and capacity in order to reach their full potential.
  3. INTEGRITY: We operate in a responsible manner that demonstrates transparent practices, trust and honesty.
  4. COMMUNITY: We forge positive opportunities by working together to improve the social and economic vitality of those we serve.
  5. INNOVATION: We embrace bold ingenuity and continuous quality improvement efforts.
  6. EXCELLENCE: We are committed to the highest standard of practice, performance and stewardship in order to achieve exceptional results.


Under the visionary leadership and guidance of its Founder T.D. Jakes, MegaCare had a long-standing history of serving underserved and vulnerable communities locally, nationally and around the globe as evidenced by wells built in Kenya to quiet tribal conflicts, aiding earthquake survivors in Haiti, delivering clean water to Flint Michigan, coming to the aid of Hurricane Harvey survivors in Southeast Texas, with ongoing medical aid, food distributions, school supply giveaways, and other campaigns within the Dallas Metroplex.

What We Do

United MegaCare partners with trusted organizations at the local, national and global scale to carry out its mission of transforming and empowering lives to eradicate disparities in health, wealth and educational opportunities that will, in turn, help its stakeholders reach their full potential.

United MegaCare deploys best practices, latest developments in technology and social entrepreneurship with accountability to deliver high caliber services and programming across its areas of focus: education, health and wellness, secure families and disaster relief and recovery.

Focus Areas

United MegaCare’s service delivery model are four key areas of concentration: education that undergirds the economic outlook generationally, health and wellness to boost the quality of life overtime, securing families through increased fiscal opportunities, and real-time disaster relief and recovery to aid those most impacted by devastating effects of natural calamities.


We believe that obtaining a quality education is the foundation of establishing a good quality of life. Therefore, we support access to education for all.


We believe that good health contributes to an improved quality of life. Therefore, we support programs that promote healthy lives and the well-being for all.


We believe in employment and a living wage for all. Therefore, we promote efforts that create a basic standard of living for everyone.


We believe natural disasters, hunger, poverty and access to clean water affects every nation and community at some level. Therefore, we support disaster and humanitarian relief efforts to all.


Join The Cause

At MegaCARE we believe that, “It's not what you say, it's what you do." When we "do" or "act" together we can experience real transformation in our community.


Invest in impact and expect change. Gifts of every size are important to making our mission possible.


Bring your expertise, influence and resources for collective impact; join one of our Initiatives today!