United MegaCare Open MIC

UMC Ministry in Civics (M.I.C.) Program

Join us for Open MIC - we leave the floor open to talk about any comments or concerns surrounding the topics of education, fiscal and social matters as well as educational policy priorities such as school funding, book bans, and safety. We encourage you to join this brainstorming event and have your voice be heard!

    All workshops will be held in-person at TPH Dallas. Light snacks and beverage will be provided.
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MegaCare Ministry in Civics (MIC)

The United MegaCare Ministry in Civics (MegaCare MIC) serves The Potter’s House with a word of knowledge to uphold the civic rights and responsibilities of our democracy. MegaCare MIC is a source of credible and reliable information for individuals within the church congregation and community. The workshop sessions are fellowship-friendly environments where disruptive thinkers receive information from invited speakers who share messages that resist powerlessness and hopelessness by increasing civic awareness, advocacy, and action. MegaCare MIC amplifies messages relevant to MegaCare’s mission: education, economics, environmental resilience and health.

  • Awareness: We make the legislative process make sense. Civics education is understandable and accessible.
  • Advocacy: We make a statement of love and community
  • Action: We are actively engaged and pledge to vote and serve

For more information about our civic education programs and engagement opportunities, please go to United MegaCare MIC Link.


Join our humanitarian efforts where you can help with the worldwide pandemic of generational poverty, hunger, access to good health and relief to survivors of natural disasters.


United MegaCare (UMC) is a compassionate organization and finds inspiration from its founder T.D. Jakes.  Since 1997, UMC has served vulnerable communities and the disadvantaged locally, nationally and globally. 


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